Q. Do Devon Rex cats shed?

Devon Rex Cats have fewer guard hairs and therefore although they moult, they do not lose as much coat as other cats.


Q. Are Devon Rex Cats suitable for families?

Devons are very active cats, they complete families, they are very socialable, great with children and love dogs and devons thrive on company.  Devons can open cupboards and switch on lightswitches. They are not suitable if you are looking for a quiet docile cat.


Are Devon Rex cats suitable for allergic people.

Due to their unique coat, Devon Rex Cats may be more suitable for people with allergies to cats. However we do suggest if you have an allergy to cats you come and visit the cats to see if you are able to tolerate their unique coat.


Q.Can Devon Rex Cats learn Tricks?

Yes, Devons are highly intelligent cats, they can be taught to retrieve, sit and stay and walk on a leash.


Q. Are Devon Rex Cats affectionate?

Yes they are a hugely affectionate breed, Devons prefer high places and they are frequently found cuddling into your neck.  They love to snuggle into every nook and cranny, they are often found  under the bedcovers. 


Q. What causes the curl in Devon Rex Cats

The curl is caused by a genetic trait, it is inherited by the autosomal recessive route. 



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