Our Devon Rex Cats


Our Boys


Double Grand Champion Woolacombe Albert Einstein.  Einstein is our Black Smoke Boy with huge character and personality.  He is a favourite on the show bench, with such a great attitude, he has already acheived a number of Breeder Awards of Merits in the show ring. Blood Type A












Champion Woolacombe Darcy Wickham.  Mr Darcy is our stud, he is a great character with a wonderful playful personality.  Darcy fetches and plays continuously.  He is very busy and has a wonderful head shape..  Blood Type A 



Champion Woolacombe Watchme Fly


Introducing Red, our stunning Cream BiColour young boy.  He has a great Devon personality. He has done so well on the show bench already and is a hit with all who meet him. 



Our Girls



Wisecracks Pigwidin

Blood type A

Thank you to Judy Dickie for Miss Piggy, she is a real character, full of persoanlity and with an amazing coat. 

She is a busy cat and a stunner to look at. 




Champion Kyapark Watch Me Tantalize Ya (Smudge) We are privileged and grateful to Peta Watts of Kyapark in Australia for this girl, she is a beautiful smoochy girl who is a supreme champion in Australia. 
Woolacombe Delilah Belle.  Delilah is an odd eyed white cat Blood type cat B She is a real character and we are excited to be using her for breeding.  



Woolacombe Eliza Doolittle is a really character, she has a stuning face and strong body.  She is a busy kitten with a big voice.  Blood type A. 



Woolacombe Eva Purrgoria is our blue cream Tortie Tabby girl, who is going to have her first litter early 2019.  She is a great character, she loves her wheel and is a big purrer, she loves cuddles. She is blood type A.  She is seen her with John Smithson, after being judged his Judges Choice for Southern Cross Cat Show 2018



Woolacombe FiFi of Hazeldine. An Adorable wee button with a big purr.  Fifi loves to fetch and is a monkey.  She is so naughty.

We expect to mate Fifi in 2019

















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Woolacombe Devons are raised
in a loving home environment in
the picturesque alpine setting
of Queenstown.