Breed History

In 1960 in Devon England, Miss Beryl Cox discovered a litter of kittens sired by a feral tom, in a disused tin mine. Amongst these kittens was a male kitten she adopted and called “Kirlee” after his curly coat.

This breed was soon found to be different from the Cornish Rex breed and in 1967 the breed was recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.


Devons are medium sized cats The coat is very short and fine, wavy and soft. The whiskers and eyebrows are crinkled. All coat colours are acceptable. The head is wedge, with full cheeks and a flat skull. The eyes are wide set, large, oval shaped. The ears are large, low set and very wide at the base.


The body is hard and muscular with long powerful elegant legs, wide set at the front. The tail is fine, long and tapering. Devons are extremely warm to the touch, they are low maintenance cats which come in numerous colours.







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Woolacombe Devons are raised
in a loving home environment in
the picturesque alpine setting
of Queenstown.