Cat Show News

We have had an exception year in the show ring this year, achieving another 20 Breeders Awards of Merits.

It is exciting to see more and more Devons on the show bench, with all the attention they attract being such playful and inquisitive characters. 


The excitiing news is that Woolacombe Watchmme Fly is currenntlly sitting in 6th place in the top 10 kittens in NZ (across all breeds) for 2018 and our boy Woolacombe Albert Einstein is currently 6th in the top 10 cats in NZ (across all breeds) for 2018.  


We are also proud to announce that Einstein is now a double grand champion, Smudge is a champion and Red is a champion.  

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Woolacombe Devons are raised
in a loving home environment in
the picturesque alpine setting
of Queenstown.