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New Additions

Woolacombe Devon Rex New Zealand is delighted to announce our new addtions,   Woolacombe Darcy Wickham - Mr. Darcy is purrsonality plus, he will be our n...

Post Date: 2015-04-28

Auckland International Cat Show

At the NZ Cat Fancy National Championship Show on April 25th 2015 our Stud Crinklewood Armani Code was placed 9th out of 40 cats. It was some stiff competition ...

Post Date: 2015-04-27


We currently do not have any kittens available, however we have litters due from September 2016  - ready for their forever homes f...

Post Date: 2015-04-20

Devon Rex cats are a playful mischievous breed of cats, highly intelligent and social animals who churtle and chirp rather than meow, they wag their tails, can be taught to retrieve.

These pixie elf-like cats will captivate and with their loving attitude. Devon Rex Cats have a coat that is less allergenic than other cats, they have short hair rather than fur and their hair is short fine, curly and soft, large, loose curls. Their moult is barely noticeable and therefore they may be suited to people who have allergies to cats.


Woolacombe Devons are raised by a vet with over 24 years experience, in a loving home environment in the picturesque alpine setting of Queenstown. They are fully socialised, having grown up with cats, dogs and a wide range of people